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Our PassionThe 5 Senses
Our Passion is manifested through the exploration of the senses, the understanding of sacred geometry and the practice of shamanism to bring balance in the lives of those we touch.

We invite our clients to awaken to their senses and connection to the divine. 

The Sacred Senses offer a variety of products and services that help individuals connect with their inner wisdom, life purpose and authentic self. Ultimately our products and services help foster Body, Mind, and Spirit balance.

Commitment to the Environment
When you use The Sacred Senses products, you heal more than just yourself—you contribute to the health and well being of the environment.  We acknowledge that the world we love (nature) is disappearing.  That is why we are committed to making products that cause the least harm to the environment.  We minimize our packaging, use recyclable products and carefully evaluate all materials used. We thank you for joining us in our sustainability efforts.