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MassageThe Sacred Senses offer massages that stimulate the senses, relax and help individuals dive into the divine:

Traditional Massage
Massage is a healing art; an art of rejuvenation, of wellness, and of relaxation; an art that heals both the body and the spirit. Our massage is designed to awaken the senses and free the mind. Our massage offers a nurturing experience through a peaceful and trusting environment.  As a LMT, Sedna combines Swedish massage, Esalen, deep tissue, Amma and shamanism to offer complete rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul.  Massages are offered in Santa Barbara, CA. Onsite massage are by referral only. Sessions rage from 1 hour to 2 hours pending on the requirements.

Swedish Massage is the foundation for western technique. Long gliding strokes, kneading and friction are applied to the soft tissue of the body using oil or lotion relaxing and revitalizing sore muscles.

Amma Massage is a pressure point massage with similarities to acupuncture, shiatsu and many forms of acupressure massage. Originating in Japan, Amma saw itself as separate from Western massage and medicine. It preserved the Japanese traditions of its origins. With Amma, there is no specific diagnosis for the treatment of illness. Its aim is to induce calm through touch.

Deep Tissue reaches below the superficial fascia to reduce muscle knots and tension using moderate to light direct pressure.

Esalen Massage is originated in California as a relaxation massage, and it is typically administered outside, basing the massage on the rhythmic movements of the ocean. These movements reflect the rhythmic movements in the body leaving a deep sense of peace.

Shamanism is a method of journeying to make the spirit whole. At the heart of shamanism and spiritual healing is self empowerment. For thousands of years, indigenous peoples have used non-technological methods of healing the body, mind and spirit. They practiced various forms of power restoration, extraction of intrusions and soul retrieval. Today we call those healers medicine men or shamans.

Spiritual healing is an inner exploration of trauma, inner holding patterns and old beliefs that hold us back from our full potential. With new beliefs and positive energy we can become empowered and fully alive. For the most part, shamanism focuses on power loss, spiritual intrusion and soul loss. With active, nonjudgmental listening each person finds, explores and speaks their truth on their journey to wholeness and empowerment.

Diving into your Senses Massage
This unique massage offers clients a unique opportunity to travel around the five senses (touch taste, sound, smell and sight) offering a deep rich experience.  This massage uses under body and full body strokes to free the energy, making the body soft, promoting free and abundant flow of life energy.  The massage ultimately seeks to bring calm into one’s mind and bring balance back into one’s spirit. There is no set routine with this type of massage, and so no two sessions are alike. Sessions are 2 hours long.

Email us to find out about our rates and book a session. You can also call us at 805.708.6363