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Sacred Geometry - Creating Peaceful Living Environments
Sacred geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns which create and unify all things and reveals the precise way that the energy of Creation organizes itself. It was also used by all cultures for thousands of years to create peaceful and powerful sacred locations such as temples, churches and ceremonial sites.

Dominique Susani, French geomancer and philosopher and Anne-Marie Charest offer a three day workshop using sacred geometry concepts where participants learn how to detect energies from the earth such as water veins and faults which affect our homes, our plants, gardens and lives.

IN this workshop, participants learn how to perform earth acupuncture to balance the energies of their properties in order to achieve a peaceful and relaxing environment. Participants also learn how to work with the energies of the sun and moon, generate a solstice mandala essential in harmonizing properties

Sacred Labyrinths - The Hidden and Unseen
Labyrinths have a history that reaches back into the mists of time. They have been built by various cultures around the globe and seem to represent a universal pattern in human consciousness, regardless of the culture in which they were used.

Dominique Susani, French geomancer and philosopher and Anne-Marie Charest (Sedna) offer a unique opportunity to explore the history of labyrinth making and its various designs. Using sacred geometry and a deep understanding of energy fields as the foundation for labyrinth making, participants will learn step-by-step to build a powerful and healing labyrinth.

Concepts covered while building a labyrinth will include: understanding of spirals and rhythms, positioning the labyrinth on the earth, distributing of the energies in the mandala, understanding the marriage of the sun and moon energies in relationship to the labyrinth, tracing the labyrinth in relationship with the natural geometry of the land, exploring the energetic relationship of the labyrinth and the Taoist energetic approach and to the body’s organs, and much more.

If you are interested in hosting our workshop please contact us by email or call us at: 805.708.6363